Horizon Power Community Partnership

Horizon Power Community Partnership helps launch Miriwoong Language Nest Interactive Learning Program!

Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring is an Indigenous-led, not-for-profit organisation, which is committed to documenting and revitalising Miriwoong, the local Indigenous language of the Kununurra region of the East Kimberley. In supporting our organisation by sponsoring the purchase of a laptop and a digital interactive e-board, Horizon Power has directly empowered and supported innovative and exciting work, which is Indigenous run and led, and which is focused on directly benefitting Aboriginal people in the present and in future generations.

As a result of this new Miriwoong Language Nest Interactive Learning initiative, the Miriwoong Language Nest continues to develop from strength to strength. The acquisition and use of an interactive whiteboard, as well as the capacity building of the team required to begin using it, has positively impacted the Language Nest Team, the children taught by the Language Nest and the community.

The use of innovative and interactive technology has enabled the Language Nest team to prepare their lessons and teach their students in a more relevant, interesting, and interactive way, which has encouraged their students to learn better and be more engaged in class.

We believe that increased teacher engagement in preparation of lessons, and student engagement in class, will lead to greater knowledge and understanding of the Miriwoong language and culture, which will, in turn, lead to greater cultural pride, mutual understanding, reconciliation, and positive social outcomes.

The “empowerment” (pun intended) of the team through the building of the team’s capacity in learning to utilise the whiteboard effectively, has already (and will continue to) increase the team’s capabilities and enable them to prepare and teach more classes than they are currently able to. This will increase the overall reach of the Miriwoong Language Nest and amplify the positive impacts on the community of Kununurra, which the Language Nest has already started creating.

Thank you for partnering with us, Horizon Power!