Interpretive Signage

Interpretive signage

Over the past few years, interpretive signage has become a regular task for MDWg. Thanks to partnerships with government departments and the local Shire we were able to develop signs which explain some aspects of places that are special to the Miriwoong people. Signs were so far installed at the following locations:

  • Bandaba (Valentine Spring, Lower Ord)
  • Mayiba (Middle Springs, Lower Ord)
  • Thegooyeng (Black Rock, Lower Ord)
  • Jaboorrwariny (Button’s Crossing, Lower Ord)
  • Ngamoowalem (Ivanhoe Range, Lower Ord)
  • Nganalam (Keep River National Park)
  • Wirrjilwarim (Molly Spring)
  • A series of signs interpreting the “Looking at Plants Trail” at Mirima National Park.
  • Fish species of Lake Kununurra, Celebrity Tree Park
  • Fauna and flora around Lake Kununurra, Celebrity Tree Park
  • Darram (Diversion Dam; sign at Celebrity Tree Park)