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Language Consultancy

MDWg regularly assists organisations and groups with language or culture related tasks, such as the development of signage, the translation of a name for a new project or building, or training for a specific target group. For example, we are working with the ranger team of the Lake Argyle area (Reserve 31165) to explore Miriwoong and Gija terminology related to the country they work on. This is the first language-based partnership between the two groups and is expected to continue for the next 3 years.

We have operated within the Miriwoong community for decades and hope to continue working with the non-Indigenous community to provide expert advice and insights on the Miriwoong language and culture. We’ve helped dozens of organisations with naming requests, signage development and more over the years, and consider consulting with local groups and businesses as an important goal to encourage and promote the Miriwoong language and culture beyond the Indigenous community.

Contact us to arrange a quote for your group, business or project. All proceeds generated will go towards supporting our underfunded activities.