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Miriwoong Knowledge Cycle

The insight and knowledge of our Elders is critical to achieving our mission of Saving Miriwoong. The MKC brings Elders together with young language learners and MDWg linguists to discuss, consult and receive advice on a variety of different aspects, including:

  • Understanding and interpreting the language correctly
  • Developing new ways to describe the modern world in Miriwoong
  • Advice on how to best teach younger generations
  • Documenting stories, knowledge of country and other insights
  • Cultural advice and leadership

There are only a limited number of Elders who are fluent in the Miriwoong language and are in a position to share their vast and precious knowledge on traditional ways of life, including language, dance, traditional skills and ancient stories. We depend on these Elders, as long as they are with us, to teach us, and to pass on their wisdom to younger generations. The invaluable information and insights gained from Elders during MKC sessions forms the basis of all our other activities, and progress towards our goal of Saving Miriwoong.