Lets Learn Miriwoong Resources

Learn Miriwoong Resources

Miriwoong Learning Resources

Our “Let’s Learn Miriwoong” resources help make learning Miriwoong possible for children and adults anywhere; at home, in the car or even out in the most remote parts of Miriwoong country.

MDWg staff work tirelessly to bring the stories, lessons, and wisdom of our ancient language and culture into the modern world. We produce radio shows, write bilingual audio books, record videos and we’ve even created a Miriwoong language app!

Learn Miriwoong Resources
MDWg Language Workers Dwayne Newry and Jimmy Paddy with Waringarri Media’s Bukola Esin.

Hearing and seeing our language used in new and innovative ways is a great source of pride for our community. New technologies help to make it easier for everybody to start talking Miriwoong!

Recent Publications

Most recently, MDWg has published the Miriwoong Public Dictionary, as well as three bilingual audio-books.

The Miriwoong Language Nest Team, Elders, and linguists authored ‘Gooloo-gooloob Yarroondayan’, which translates to ‘We are all happy’. Year One students from Kununurra District High School illustrated the book as a part of a Miriwoong Language Nest unit about feelings.

Sylvia Simon wrote and illustrated ‘Jigeng‘, a book about birds that can be found on Miriwoong country.

Julie Bilminga adapted and illustrated a Dreamtime story, ‘Goorrandalng thoon Jalin‘ (The Brolga and the Kangaroo).

Learn Miriwoong Resources
Sylvia Simon and Julie Bilminga with their books, ‘Jigeng’ and ‘Goorrandalng thoon Jalin’, both published in 2017.

Other Publications

  • Woorlab yarrenkoo Miriwoong! – Miriwoong Animals 1, Glennis Galbat-Newry
  • Woorlab barrenkoonan Miriwoong! – Miriwoong Animals 2, Glennis Galbat-Newry
  • Warlayi – Cooking meat in the earth oven, Dwayne Newry
  • Jawaleng Gawooleny: Jooroobtha bare berrandawoon-meleng – Miriwoong Body Parts, Dwayne Newry
  • Ninggoowoong boorriyang Merndang – Family Book, Dwayne Newry
  • Woorrjilwarim – Molly Springs, MDWg (various)
  • Woorre-Woorrem – My Community Flying-Fox, Ingrid Ningarmara
  • Yangge Yindajgoo! – Ask Me!, MDWg (various)
  • Miriwoong Seasonal Calendar, MDWg (various)

We’re proud of the resources that we produce, and believe that they are an important step in helping the community learn Miriwoong.

If you would like to purchase any Miriwoong resources, please email admin@mirima.org.au or call us on (08) 9169 1029. All money raised from the sale of these books and resources goes into continuing our Miriwoong revitalisation programs.