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Miriwoong Language Rescue

Miriwoong Language Rescue

Miriwoong Language Rescue

This year, MDWg launched the Miriwoong Language Rescue (MLR) initiative. The Miriwoong Language Rescue is designed to raise awareness amongst East Kimberley visitors, tourists and residents of the work that we do at MDWg. By making people aware of the steps being taken to preserve and revitalise the Miriwoong language, we are inviting supporters and advocates to the MDWg community.Miriwoong Language Rescue

What is the Miriwoong Language Rescue?

The Miriwoong Language Rescue is an initiative designed to raise both support and funds for Miriwoong language activities. MLR involves the distribution of information about the work of MDWg as well as donation boxes and directions to our online giving platform,

We’ve been enjoying talking to local businesses throughout Kununurra about the work that we do, and inviting them to display MLR materials in their cafes, hotel receptions and accommodation compendiums. Our aim is to inform people about our work and give them the opportunity to support a critically endangered language.

Why Miriwoong Language Rescue?

Miriwoong is classified as a critically endangered language, and all of MDWg’s activities have the core aim of improving this situation. We hope to raise a new generation of Miriwoong speakers, which is why programs such as the Miriwoong Language Nest, the Miriwoong Knowledge Cycle and Let’s Talk Miriwoong Radio Programs on Waringarri Radio are so important.

We know that our cause is unique and valuable, and we would like all visitors to the East Kimberley to know about the work Miriwoong Elders, Language Workers, linguists and volunteers are doing to save a language. We’d also like to make visitors to the region aware that they are on Miriwoong country, and invite them to support an Indigenous-led organisation such as MDWg who are working to create positive change for the community.

Who supports the Miriwoong Language Rescue?

We simply couldn’t carry out this project without the support and partnership of local businesses around Kununurra. We have distributed donation boxes and brochures to cafes, caravan parks, hotels and tour providers. This support has really demonstrated the wonderful community spirit that exists within the East Kimberley. So far, these have proven successful mechanisms for increasing our exposure in the community.  We are sure that this will only increase during the height of the tourist season!

The team at MDWg would like to extend a big thank-you to the following businesses for supporting the work of MDWg by hosting donation boxes and flyers:

  • Kimberley Land Waterfront Holiday Park
  • Kununurra Country Club Resort
  • Kingfisher Tours and Shoal Air
  • Kununurra Town Caravan Park
  • Kimberley Cafe
  • Freshwater Apartments
  • Ibis Style Kununurra
  • Ivanhoe Village Caravan Resort
  • Cornerside Cafe
  • Zebra Rock Gallery
  • Wunan House
  • Wild Mango Cafe

Thank you to each and every one of the businesses listed above. The Miriwoong Language Rescue is operating because of the support of these fantastic organisations.

Click here to read some more about Miriwoong Language Rescue. If you would like to participate in MLR please get in touch at

Finally, don’t forget to look out for donation boxes at the locations listed above, or donate online at any time!