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Language plays a critical role in the development of an individual’s sense of identity, of belonging to a certain place or community and for forming a connection with a particular culture. Unfortunately today the Miriwoong language is categorised as critically endangered, with fewer than 12 truly fluent speakers remaining. The wisdom and culture of Miriwoong people can only be truly understood through the language that has been used for thousands of years to teach it. Hence, as the Miriwoong language has been forced into obscurity so too has the culture and identity of Miriwoong people. The loss of language and culture has had profound and long-lasting effects on the community, contributing significantly to the intergenerational trauma and hardships suffered since colonisation, and is particularly damaging to children who, in their early years, are developing the foundations of their sense of self and self-esteem.

Our Elders and MDWg strongly believe that one of the most effective ways of addressing the challenges facing our community is by sharing and learning our language so our people can reconnect with their proud Miriwoong heritage. And the research strongly supports this too, as multiple studies have shown that individuals that can speak their mother tongue typically have markedly better physical and mental health, are more likely to attend and complete school, gain employment and are less likely to abuse alcohol or illicit substances.

MDWg are currently implementing internationally renowned teaching models and utilising innovative technology to ensure that current and future generations of Miriwoong people have the opportunity to learn their language and celebrate their culture. Although in order to achieve our mission of ‘Saving Miriwoong’ MDWg needs your help and support.

The Saving Miriwoong Sponsorship Program is designed for individuals and businesses that want to directly support the revitalisation of Miriwoong. This program provides critical support for MDWg and offers sponsors the opportunity to experience and be a part of the Miriwoong community. Through your generous support, our programs and initiatives such as the Language Nest, Miriwoong Knowledge Cycle, books and radio programs, can continue for many more years and will contribute immensely to our shared goal of Saving Miriwoong. Click here or contact us directly to find out more about how your business can assist – or how you personally can do your bit to help ‘Save Miriwoong’.

MDWg is a well-established, successful, stable and well governed organisation which has history of achievement in its stated aims of documenting and transmitting the Miriwoong language. As the operational arm of the Mirima Council Aboriginal Corporation it is recognised as a registered Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) and a Public Benevolent Institution (PBI).The financial support provided by our partners and sponsors is used entirely for the documentation, maintenance and preservation of the Miriwoong language. MDWg would like to thank all our individual supporters that have contributed to Saving Miriwoong via GiveNow and Good2Give (workplace giving). Special thanks to Knapman Films who have been a faithful supporter of MDWg’s work for many years.