Seasonal Calendar


Boornbeng describes the time when the country starts to warm up. The skies are clear with little cloud and the sunsets are usually bright orange.

Miriwoong people use these words to describe the weather at this time of year:

Boornbe-mageny – Hot weather time

Boornbentha dawang / themboorlbentha dawang – The country is hot.

Ngandoongoorroong ngararlng – Clear sky

After Boornbeng typically comes the season of Dilboong. Read about it below! Or return to Barndenyirriny!

Even though it’s hot and dry, there’s still plenty of food around. The warm weather stirs some plants and animals to come out and these are foods for Miriwoong people. Waterholes are also dotted around the country and these have lots of food!