Seasonal Calendar – Dilboong


During Dilboong, the country has dried out, the ground is dusty and everything is brown. Small billabongs dry up and the ground starts to crack.

Miriwoong people describe the weather at this time of year like this:

Boowoorroogoonggoornkirring – (North wind) – When the country dries out it is common for the north wind to blow.

Photo by MDWg

After the season of Dilboong typically comes the season of Deroorr-mageny. Click Deroorr-mageny to find out more, or click Barndenyirriny to go back!

Even though it’s hot and dry, there’s still plenty of food around. The warm weather stirs some plants and animals to come out and these are foods for Miriwoong people. Waterholes are also dotted around the country and these have lots of food!