Seasonal Calendar


Barrawoondang is the name for the strong wind with the thunder and lightning along with the big rain.

Miriwoong people use these words to describe the Barrawoondang weather:

Warrayalng – (first flood) – The first heavy rains cause the rivers to flow fast and turn brown. Some fish are killed in these floods.

Ngoomelng – Clouds

Ngoomelng birrga ginayin jaloorr-gerring – ‘The clouds are gathering up for rain’

Thegoobeling goowindayin – ‘They [the clouds] are getting black.’

Jaloorr goowinda / Jaloorr goowiya – ‘It’s going to rain.’

Jaloorr goowindayin – ‘Rain is falling down.’

After Barrawoondang, Jaloorr-mageny comes. Click below to read about Jaloorr-mageny or go back to Nyinggiyi-mageny!

Many different bush tuckers and bush foods come out during and after the rain of the wet season. Click below to find out about Miriwoong wet season bush tucker!