Seasonal Calendar


Jaloorr-mageny is the time of rain which coincides with the heavy monsoonal downpours that flood the river systems. Travelling by car through the country at this time is a high risk due to flooding and boggy conditions.

Miriwoong people use these words to describe the weather at this time of year:

Melijegeb – rain all night.

Nyinggiyeng – (continuous rain) – This interpretation of continuous rain could be interpreted as monsoonal rain.

Walanbinang – The river breaks its banks and overflows onto the floodplains and across low lying areas.

Many different bush tuckers and bush foods come out during and after the rain of the wet season. Click below to find out about Miriwoong wet season bush tucker!

After Jaloorr-mageny comes the start of Warnka-mageny and the first season in that is generally Genkaleng. Click below to go back to Nyingiyi-mageny or read about Warnka-mageny and Genkaleng!