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Team visit to Goanna Dreaming site

MDWg team visits Goanna Dreaming site

In early May, the MDWg team visited an important Miriwoong cultural site- the Goanna Dreaming. The main purpose of the trip was to gather footage for a film about Miriwoong storytelling. Our Project Linguist, Frances Kofod is recording and producing this film. Frances has been working with MDWg staff and Miriwoong Elders to capture stories that are important to Miriwoong people. An important part of this project has also been to encourage younger team members to tell their own stories. Continue reading Team visit to Goanna Dreaming site

New MDWg Publications

New MDWg Publications

This year has been a busy one for the team at MDWg. We’ve spent lots of time learning language from our Elders, continued recording on Waringarri Radio and taught Miriwoong to 400 woothoo-woothoong (children) each week.

Another exciting thing that we’re happy to share with you all is the progress we’ve been making on publishing new audio-books. MDWg’s team of Language Workers, Elders and linguists have produced 10 bilingual audio-books in past years. Book topics range from Miriwoong family terms to dream time stories. Our use of an innovative audio-pen, which allows learners to hear sentences spoken to them by tapping the pen to the page is a great way to learn how to say some of the harder Miriwoong words that feature in publications.

New Books

We’re always thinking of news books to develop, and this year is proving to be no exception. Language Workers Glennis and Ingrid are currently working on a book about food. This will include steps for how to make damper and catch and cook a fish, Miriwoong style.

Glennis and Ingrid cooking fish on the fire
Glennis and Ingrid cooking fish on the fire

Creating these books has meant that we’ve been able to get out of the office and do the fun activities mentioned in the book. We had a wonderful afternoon down at Ivanhoe Crossing where we took photos for the fish and damper book. The next step is to check with Elders that all the Miriwoong language is correct. Once this is done, we will start to record our authors reading out the sentences in the book. This is an important step for the audio feature of our books.

Glennis fishing
Glennis fishing at Ivanhoe Crossing

Julie is also working on a book that will take readers through the Miriwoong alphabet. We think this will be a great way to help Miriwoong learners grow in their knowledge particularly the little ones receiving MDWg’s Language Nest program.

To learn more about MDWg’s existing publications, visit our Miriwoong Resources page. All of our books are for sale.¬† Email or call us on (08) 9169 1029 if you’re interested in purchasing our resources. We look forward to sharing the new books with you once they’re published!

2017 at Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring

2017 has been a huge, productive and exciting year for everyone at MDWg. We’re extremely proud of the achievements made by Language Workers, the Language Nest team, and the organisation as a whole.

Take a look at some of the highlights:

We wish all of our supporters a wonderful holiday season, and look forward to sharing with you our work and progress in 2018! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive regular updates of our work. You can also visit our GiveNow page to support our programs that are working to keep the Miriwoong language alive for future generations.

Warany, ngoondengi benewoo! (Okay, all the best!)

MDWg Leader Completes AILC Training

In early November, Senior Language Worker Glennis Galbat-Newry began the first of two blocks in a Certificate II in Indigenous Leadership. Glennis, along with about 20 other emerging leaders  participated in the course. The course was delivered by the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC). On December 8, Glennis completed her second and final block, and accepted her certificate at a graduation ceremony that night.

Certificate II Indigenous Leadership Graduates Joanne and Glennis with Miriwoong Elder Agnes before the graduation ceremony
Certificate II Graduates Joanne and Glennis with Miriwoong Elder Agnes before the graduation ceremony

The course has equipped Glennis with the skills, knowledge and confidence to further her abilities as a leader. These leadership skills will be applicable within both Mirima Dawang Woorlab-gerring and the wider community.  The course also gave Glennis the opportunity to build strong relationships with other emerging leaders throughout the East Kimberley. Together, the team of emerging leaders learnt about different styles of leadership and teamwork skills. They also thought deeply about the inspirational leaders they know and analysed what it means to be an effective leader.

Well done Glennis!

The MDWg team is extremely proud of Glennis for her hard work at attaining this certificate. Glennis says that she is looking forward to seeing other members of the MDWg team receive training and qualifications in similar areas in the coming months and years. She was proud to see so many young participants in the course, and looks forward to seeing the good work that they will contribute to their communities and workplaces.

Glennis and Fran at the Certificate II in Indigenous Leadership Graduation Ceremony
Glennis and Fran at the graduation ceremony

Miriwoong Language Rescue

Miriwoong Language Rescue

This year, MDWg launched the Miriwoong Language Rescue (MLR) initiative. The Miriwoong Language Rescue is designed to raise awareness amongst East Kimberley visitors, tourists and residents of the work that we do at MDWg. By making people aware of the steps being taken to preserve and revitalise the Miriwoong language, we are inviting supporters and advocates to the MDWg community. Continue reading Miriwoong Language Rescue

Modern Miriwoong

Modern Miriwoong

This year, MDWg launched the Modern Miriwoong project. Modern Miriwoong is an initiative designed to increase the amount of Miriwoong signage displayed throughout Kununurra and its surrounds. Since the project launched in July, we have been busy approaching local businesses and organisations and offering language consultation.

Continue reading Modern Miriwoong

A Miriwoong Lexicon for All

A Miriwoong Lexicon for All

In 2012, the Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs tabled the report entitled “Our Land, Our Languages“. A key finding from this report was that language is inseparable from culture, kinship, land and family and is the foundation upon which the capacity to learn, interact and to shape identity is built. Through the publication of ‘Miriwoong Woorlang Yawoorroonga-woorr’, or ‘a Miriwoong Lexicon for All’, MDWg is continuing to revitalise and provide the community with much-needed access to the Miriwoong language. Continue reading A Miriwoong Lexicon for All